3DLogin Demonstration!

  1. On your mobile phone, go to: 3dlogin.com/scan

  2. Click here:

When you click the 3DLogin button, you will be presented with a 3D, 6-sided cube containing various, highly-secure QR codes. You can then operate any existing QR code reader app on your phone to scan the cube and begin. This will present you with the option to log-on using various, pre-existing social networks that you have. You can login on your phone and the computer will establish a connection. This connection between the device and computer is even more secure than today's standards.

Minimum browser requirements check:

In general, 3DLogin supports the latest release of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Here's a list of browsers we support:
- Internet Explorer version 10 and higher.
- Firefox version 10 and higher.
- Google Chrome version 12 and higher.
- Safari version 5 and higher.